When I Am Perfectly Still

“When I feel perfectly still is when I am most alive.”

I don’t remember who said those words or wherever I found it, but it sure creates a train of thoughts. And even how still we are, we still travel through space by virtue of the earths rotation that generate waves and currents affecting our being and all the forces.

When we are still, it sustains our calmness and being at peace. The real source of calmness is of course our mind. But it must be trained. Our minds constantly wallow in a sea of thoughts, estimated to at least 12,000 a day and as high as 50,000. That also depends on how deep a thinker one is. Lesser thoughts the deeper it go.

Anyway, others of those are useless thoughts.


Western vs Eastern Meditation


Meditation in the West is commercialized and performed by entrepreneurs.

In the East there’s no such thing as Subconscious Mind but the mind as a whole, whereas in the West Meditation is investigated by science. Most of the time the explanation is inadequate. It is because the mind is like the universe itself. It is mysterious in many ways. The mind is not to be questioned but to be understood. The mind is the connection between the material and non-material. And the unwritten rule is purity of the spirit.

Divinity instead  of Power.

Power to influence the outside does not reside in a single mind, but when a multitude of minds work as one. Sadly, if misguided, it will instead create a Cult.

eastern vs western meditation_money car blowup

bill gates vs ghandi enh

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I Found My dear Old Lost Blog

The Art of Writing here it is: http://quilaqub.blogspot.com/

That was when i started a blog but only got to publish one LoL. I always wanted to pursue the idea but i put it on hold many times until this long a time. Now when i visit others and i find all of them have full and wonderful contents, i regretted putting it off that long. So now i’m making up for lost time.

Layman’s Meditation

What is Meditation?

Who are into Meditation?

Why go for meditation, anyway?

“Meditation,” the one by some definition (Wikipedia), is not generally practiced. And maybe only by some elite few. Or maybe only by celebrities and high profile personalities.

But it is safe to say that it is being practiced by thinking individuals, ordinary individuals, only they are not publicized. Some people who are into it are not bloggers lol  ..bloggers  do  not meditate(?)

Is it not being preached (not as gospels)? Is it hard to accept?

As to what is meditation_

The great Paulo Coelho said that Life is a Pilgrimage. Yes. But life is also really a ritual, and most of all, living it is already quite a meditation. How often do we hear that such and such actions are pre-meditated? Why, are some others not meditated on? That would be a disgrace if some actions or behavior of ours were done without meditation.

Meditation is being stereo-typed. Somebody would think you are some kind of weird by being open in your practice. It is because they have no idea that it is really the source of our strength. That in the course of our daily life we already practice some little degree of meditation.

Meditation (the Big M) is attached to some alien beliefs. Another stereo-typing. And with our strong parochial mindset, it amounts to being taboo or anything out of the mind’s malware.

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When Faith Turns People Into Irrational Beings

If faith can move mountains, mountains also cannot remove faith.

Only the other week or on October 15, 2013 a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck the island provinces of Cebu and Bohol, Philippines. The latter, composed of forty-eight towns and cities sustained the most damage. Almost half of the heritage Catholic churches in the island were destroyed: eight were heavily damaged, a couple of them almost beyond repair and another two reduced to unrecognizable pile of rubbles.

But what strikes us even more is the kind of faith of the victims, some of their comments heard and written like being held in awe by the images of their patron saints remaining intact and unscathed while never questioning why this happened in the first place, including children buried while swimming in a mountain spring. Latest tally of deaths put at 215 not including those still missing.

The reality of it all is that Bohol is just sitting there waiting for the earthquake of damaging effect. Half of the main island is of limestone composition and where that occurs, the dirt top soil is loose and only the result of eons of accumulated fossil remains of vegetation.

20131016_bohol_chochills-ht    1384381_1422865447929157_559362416_n loon-church-bohol2 Our Lady of Light, LoonOur Lady of Light_Loon z925 (1)  aftermaribojocchurch   Santissima Trinidad, Loay206398_10150148866499667_5097376_n 207662_10150148863444667_4217179_n 215825_10150148866374667_7102704_n

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Physicality and Mind Coordination

The person/s (though not all) with astonishing abilities shown in the following video may or may not be aware of it but such agility, coordinated and precise movements are products of mind and body training.  There are abilities which demonstrate physical prowess and there are manifestations of the powers of the mind alone. But in this instant case it clearly show they possess both faculties.

If ever there are two sides of the brain working distinctly into separate different functional talent or skill, it could be that one side well developed would lead to a physical ability while the other side’s development would lead to mental ability and there’s no telling whether it’s the right or left side responsible for it. But what therefore sets these performers apart is that both sides of their brains are developed together and which is seldom or one in several hundreds or thousands.

That is also the reason that a heavy super athlete is seldom or never a super thinker, or if ever he’s both then he must be superbly gifted.  Why are super thinkers, philosophers and geniuses frequently frail individuals? What would be the reason that the Oscar winners are the medium built to small actors?


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